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Juliette Armand Chronos Therapy Facial

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

40’s + CHRONOS

This facial is using a Glycolic & Salicylic peel, which will resurface the skin, improve wrinkles, pigmentation & uneven skin tone. (For sensitive skin we use an Enzyme mask)

The Peel will tingle and it lasts for 5 minutes.

We then apply the Hyaluronic Acid which holds a thousand time it’s weight in water.

On top of this we apply our Vitamin C Latex mask, Vitamin C is excellent for brightening the skin, increasing the immunity of the skin, and also helps to even out any blemishes.

We then massage in another serum, it has an ingredient called Bio Peptide E L, this mimics Vitamin A aka Retinol. Retinol is excellent for thickening and rejuvenating the skin it’s an antioxidant.

We then apply an Anaplastic mask, this is going to give high levels of hydration & smooths out wrinkles.

We then apply our Antioxidant Oil which consists of Vitamin A & Vitamin E. Vitamin E fights free radicals and also increases the elasticity of the skin.

We end with our Chronos anti-aging cream it has an ingredient called Dhea this declines in our body at the age of 25 and it’s actually a pill of youth, so we increase the Dhea with the moisturiser. It also has an award winning ingredient called Malus Domestica which keeps skin cells alive for longer.

This facial can be done in a course, you could do 2 a week for 5 weeks or 1 a week for 6 weeks, the results are instant, you could also get it done every 4-6 weeks as your regular facial.

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