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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Face Shaving – what’s it all about?

More women than ever are reaching for the razor and indulging in a little face shaving. Whether that’s to ensure makeup application is as smooth as possible or to remove fine hairs on the face.

The facts With any new trend comes a whole host of misconceptions, questions, and misunderstandings. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide around the most common concerns.

My hair will grow back thicker Face shaving will not leave you with thick, coarse grow-back. Contrary to popular belief, face shaving will not cause thick, coarse hair growth. Shaving creates a blunt edge to the hair which can make it look darker. Also, a lack of exposure to pollutants and the sun can have an effect. Your vellus hair (the soft, fuzzy hair) will remain as vellus hair.

I’m worried about breakouts This is a real issue and can be down to a few different factors. Using a razor on your face can result in your skin becoming more sensitive to some products after. It’s important to test a small patch and ensure that the products you use are as natural as possible. There’s the potential there, as with any shaving, to irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Make sure you are as hygienic as possible to prevent rashes and breakouts.

I’ve got acne will it make it worse We don’t recommend shaving your face if you have acne. Visit a professional skin therapist who can give you a treatment plan. Shaving your face can cause more stress to your skin, resulting in further breakouts.

And remember, vellus hair, that soft fuzz that covers most of your skin, is actually important for temperature regulation and shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of! Terminal hair is the thicker and darker stuff that many women want to get rid of. IPL or laser are effective treatments. Waxing can also help by weakening the hair so it grows back finer than before.

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